Microsoft Project WBS

You would think that Microsoft Project & WBS would go hand-in-hand. Sadly that is not the case. If you have ever worked in Microsoft Project and tried to create a WBS, then you are probably familiar with WBS Codes. Rather than using a simple interface that allows you to visually create a WBS, Microsoft Project requires you to create yet another linear list with indents to define hierarchical levels and define WBS Codes in order to create the WBS. Don't worry, there is an alternative: MindView WBS Software.

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Microsoft Project WBS

Microsoft Project & WBS Alternatives

MatchWare MindView’s Top Down view allows you visually create a WBS and by using the calculation module, you can include costs for defining the 100% rule. Furthermore, with 1 click you can convert your WBS into MindView’s integrated Gantt chart or export your WBS to Microsoft Project! It can’t get any easier than that.

Microsoft Project WBS
Import and Export WBS with Microsoft Project

MindView, WBS & Microsoft Project

There is no question that if you are looking to create a WBS, MindView is the perfect alternative to Microsoft Project.  However, MindView can be used as a kick start to Microsoft Project.  Just create and define your Work Breakdown Structure visually in MindView and export your WBS to Microsoft Project! 

Want to see your Microsoft Project file as a WBS?  No problem, MindView allows you to import Microsoft Project files and view them as a WBS.